Highland Cattle For Sale

Scottish Highland Cattle For Sale

Wild Rose Meadows, Otsego, Michigan (between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids)

8 Highland Cattle for sale. See the complete list below the photo gallery.

Photos: Click to view full size. There are 2 - 3 photos of each Highland for sale. The three two-year-old bulls are nicknamed "The 3 Musketeers" because we can't tell them apart unless they are standing side by side.

Wild Rose Highlands for sale, May 2012

  1. Annie (DOB March 2012,) will be registered ($1100)
  2. YoYo (DOB January 2011) not registered ($900)
  3. Venus (DOB 3-14-2008) registered    ($1100)
  4. Black yearling bull (DOB June 2012) will be registered ($1500)
  5. Red yearling bull (DOB April 2012) will be registered ($2000)
  6. Red 2 year old bull (DOB April 2010) not registered (1100)
  7. Red 2 year old bull (DOB April 2010) not registered ($1100)
  8. Red 2 year old bull (DOB April 2010) not registered ($1100)


Dave Van Antwerp
Wild Rose Meadows Farm
Otsego, MI 49078

email: Dave@WildRoseMeadows.com


Osceola Highlands, Reed City, Michigan (North of Grand Rapids)


Osceola Highlands sale herd reduction: Many yearling heifers ready to go into a new herd and breed next spring.  All yearlings and weaned heifers are out of QM Mr. President , 2 yr running in the top 2 roll of excellence bulls. Diverse bloodlines in all dams &   cow/calf pairs.  Herd has hands on attention every day, so they are calm and friendly and most have been shown and all are halter trained. Many colors to choose from.  Two yearling steers to finish and 3-4 weaned bulls registered shown & ready to breed as a herd sire for  next summer breeding season. These beautiful Highlands are priced to sell.

Contact Bill and Evelyn Pruitt at Osceola Highlands
1667 Old US 131, Reed City, MI 49677
Phone: 231-832-4472
Email: evelynpruitt@sbcglobal.net

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